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Green Team Training

What does it take to start or grow a Green Team at your place of worship?  We’ll look at the five basic things you should consider, who should be involved and ways to get started.  What does your faith say about creation care?  What is most important to you and members of your team about creation care and the environment?  We’ll look at ways to get started and ways to reduce energy and save your congregation money.  One passionate person can start a flourishing green team.  This workshop will give you what it takes to succeed.

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Using Energy Prudently Workshop

Using Energy Prudently will help your congregation to

  • improve your building’s energy efficiency
  • Live out your values by caring for creation
  • Practice what you preach about good stewardship
  • Spend less on utilities and more on your mission

Those attending will gain practical information about sealing the building envelope; maintaining and replacing HVAC equipment; using zoning and thermostats to slash energy waste; lighting technologies for various rooms; and detecting energy hogs in a building. Who should attend? Congregational leaders, especially from your Board, Property Committee, and Green Team. Anyone interested in learning more about energy efficiency in buildings from homes to larger buildings.

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Climate Boot Camp

This in-depth workshop equips faith leaders to speak confidently and knowledgeably about our present climate crisis, and to respond as people of faith to this critical challenge. The workshop covers scientific, theological, pastoral and behavioral research dimensions of addressing environmental issues with people of faith in your community, and offers space not only for conversation but also for exploring strategies to implement change in participants’ settings for ministry.

According to a recent article in Grist, most people care about climate change but don’t talk about it simply because they don’t hear others doing so. This is a pattern of inaction that we have a moral responsibility to break—by talking and acting!

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Environmentally Responsible Investing Workshop

Environmentally responsible ways to invest endowment funds and other pools of money is a topic of frequent debate in many organizations including congregations. These discussions are often fueled by media coverage or by single issue advocates but do not apply a more systematic approach using key environmental and creation care principles. This workshop addresses directly the important role congregational investment leaders can play in developing key principles, assessing responsible investment choices, assuring financial performance and communicating the principles, practices, and results to the congregation and community. The workshop is also targeted for individuals within congregations that perceive the benefit to this approach as well.

Recommended Participants: Congregation at large, congregational members involved with green teams, social action committees, finance and budget committees, boards of directors, trustees and individuals.

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