The Islamic Center of Evansville

The Islamic Center of Evansville is a beautiful light-filled building.  There is the main entrance for all, and separate entrances for men and women.  As per religious tradition men and women pray together with men in front rows and the women in the back rows.  There is also a separate area for women who would prefer their privacy.  According to Dr. Saiyid Shah, a radiation physicist in Evansville who is also a member of the H-IPL Board of Directors and Chairperson of ISNA Green Initiative the Islamic Center had started implemented environmentally friendly practices some years ago. The first green project at the Islamic Center of Evansville was planting 45 trees around the parameter to make the land green followed by some lovely gardens that surround the building.

The next project was to convert all the lights to LED. All of the lights have been changed to LEDs.  The ceilings are high and this was done by members of the congregation.

The Decision to Go Solar

To go solar required convincing the executive committee that this was the right choice. It took a year to get the Executive Committee to agree.  Then a number of solar vendors were considered and a vendor from Indianapolis was chosen. To pay for the solar panels money was donated for it.  Each family was asked to donate $1000 or what they could commit.  This allowed the Islamic Center to raise the $80,000 needed for the installation.  In December of 2017, 44 panels were installed for a total of 80 KW.

New Addition Planned

The Islamic Center hosts a number of events open to the community including Green Ramadan and a number of interfaith events.  Right now, they are using paper products and the food is mostly brought in as they have no dishwasher and limited cooking facilities.  A new addition is planned which will have a commercial dishwasher and cooking facilities so that food may be cooked there, and dishes may be washed.  The new addition will allow the Islamic Center to host larger events and of course, the new addition will be solar powered with an additional array of solar panels.

The Garden

A raised bed garden is also in process. The beds are built and waiting to be filled with soil and planted. The food will be donated to Evansville’s food pantries.