We would like to highlight the Universalist Unitarian Church of Indianapolis for the impactful work of encouraging congregants, friends, and family to take the pledge to become a Faith Climate Justice Voter. Over 400 people were reached through an email blast that encouraged the recipients to become faith climate justice voters and also inspired them to contact additional friends and family. Heliene Houdek, a member of the congregation, credits the wide coverage to a robust network of support at UUI. Though this network is certainly not required for one to make contributions in caring for creation. Heliene shared that any individuals or small groups can make a difference. In fact, she has proven this by her
actions that range from taking the Faith Climate Justice Voter pledge to sending postcards through UU the Vote, and phone banking for local candidates with a proven record on the environment. Heliene and the UU church of Indianapolis exemplify the Margaret Mead quote “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world: indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Another way that people have been working to incorporate environmental awareness into the campaign cycle is through voter guides.  Working to elect the right people to get climate science on the ballot and into policy! Volunteers for Voters for a Green Indiana have put together a non-partisan summary of the candidate’s views, voting records, as well as campaign funds accepted from fossil fuel industries: Candidate Views and also Campaign Funds.  To save you some time, they have reviewed the data and put together a simple, helpful Green Voters Guide on their website. Due to limited resources, not all candidates are included.

If you or others at your congregation would like to be the change that our planet needs sign here to be a Faith Climate Justice Voter, check out our own voter pledges, or contact us at HIPL@hoosieripl.org to learn how you can do more!