Does your congregation have a green team?

What does a Green Team do?

This varies from congregation to congregation even within the same denomination.  Consider what issues are most important to your congregation.  We encourage you to take action to diminish your carbon footprint and lower your congregation’s energy usage and energy bills.  In addition, your Green Team may wish to sponsor a recycling program, intergenerational projects including dinners from locally grown food, tree planting or growing food for your local food pantry.  You could also have movie nights or you could call or write your legislators asking them to support renewable energy and environmentally friendly policies.  You could even go solar!


Green teams go by many names:

  • Creation Care
  • Earth Keepers
  • Earth Justice
  • Eco-Team
  • Environmental Action
  • Green Team

It doesn’t matter what you call your team, as long as all of you agree.

You may have a green team, are thinking about starting a green team or your congregation does many green things but does not have a green team.

We’d love for you to attend or host a Green Team Training Workshop.

  • Learn best practices for starting a green team
  • Reduce your energy consumption and your congregation’s energy bills.
  • Share ideas with others
  • Get new ideas and new inspiration for your green team.
  • Take your green team to the next level.

Download the handout.