Dear Supporters of Redistricting,

Support SB 91 Redistricting NOW! There is a need for immediate action if redistricting is to pass this Legislative Session.   Time is running out.   New Congressional and state legislative maps will be drawn in 2021, so if we are going to make major changes to the redistricting process, it has to happen this year. Thankfully, we’ve got a growing number of allies in the State House.

Here is what we ask you to do in order of priority:

  1. Contact Senator Greg Walker, chair of the Senate  Elections Committee.  Thank him for introducing SB 105,  a bill which sets standards for re-districting and offers greater transparency for the redistricting process.  However, ask him to include a standard that prohibits drawing boundaries for partisan advantage (his bill currently does not have this as a standard). Also, Urge him to hold hearings on both his own  SB 105 and Sen. Ruckelshaus’ SB 91 (See below) before the February 21 deadline for bills to be heard in Committee in order for them to advance to the full Senate.  

Here is a simple link to get your message to Senator Walker.  You can personalize your message:

  1. Thank Sen. John Ruckelshaus for introducing SB 91 Redistricting,  the bill supported by Common Cause to create a citizens’ commission to develop the district boundaries, and urge him to do all that he can to gain support for the bill.
  2. Contact Rep. Jerry Torr from Carmel and thank him for introducing HB 1011 a redistricting bill in the House.
  3. Urge Rep. Tim Wesco, the new chair of the House Elections and Apportionment Committee, to hear Rep. Torr’s bill.  Although  Rep. Torr’s HB 1011 is not as strong as SB 91, it would get the issue on the table.

Thanks for your efforts to preserve a strong democracy.
As the League of Women Voters says,
“Democracy is not a spectator sport.”

Thank you for your support. Support SB 91 Redistricting NOW!

Thanks to Barbara Burke from the Interfaith Social Action Committee for this article.

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