Over the years, Hoosier Interfaith Power & Light has decided that there are a couple of ways we can make systemic changes in Indiana. The first is through our own interpersonal actions and changing the way we think and act about various interactions with our environment.  This could be by composting at home or by making our institutions more energy efficient. The second is to come together through policies, community goal-setting, pledges, and commitments to change.  This second way shifts the conversation to WE, rather than just an I.  This year HIPL is supporting actions we can take at the individual and communal level through our Thriving Faith Communities Program and actions we can take as a WE through many avenues including our support of the purposed Benchmarking and Transparency Ordinance being proposed to improve the energy and water efficiency of Indianapolis buildings.  If you don’t live in Indianapolis this is a great model to suggest for other cities to adopt as well!


As part of Thrive Indianapolis, the City of Indianapolis is committed to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. The Office of Sustainability is evaluating and developing a local Benchmarking and Transparency Ordinance, with the goal of improving the energy and water efficiency of our local building stock. Buildings in Indianapolis account for 66% of community-wide greenhouse gas emissions. Maximizing the efficiency of how buildings use energy and water is a critical step in efforts to ensure that Indianapolis remains a beautiful and competitive community. Learn more about the ordinance development process with this document.  To contribute public feedback about this ordinance you can visit this feedback form. Comments, accepted until October 26th, will be shared with the Indianapolis Office of Sustainability. More information can be found at Indy.gov.