Become an H-IPL Green Star Congregation

CONTACT amybarnes@hoosieripl for more information.

H-IPL GREEN STAR Congregation

Are you ready to take the next step and become a Hoosier Interfaith Power and Light (H-IPL) GREEN STAR Congregation?

• Would you like recognition for all the creation care work your congregation has been doing or acknowledgement to motivate your congregation to do more?

• By reducing your energy consumption by 10%, your congregation will be eligible to become a H-IPL Green Star Congregation.

• By reducing your energy consumption by 10% your congregation not only reduces your fossil fuel use but also frees up congregational funds for other vital missions.

What does it take to become an H-IPL Green Star Congregation?

1. Create a Green Team (or equivalent)
2. Apply with H-IPL to start the process or contact H-IPL at
3. Use Energy Stewards software to track your energy reduction and cost savings.
4. Reduce your congregation’s energy consumption by 10%.
5. Keep a brief record of what your congregation did to meet this goal.
6. Host one or more H-IPL workshops
7. Celebrate your efforts (and your cost savings)!

When these steps are completed, email or send your energy reduction documentation and your Energy Reduction Journal to H-IPL.

Step 1
Form a green team or equivalent – at least three members of your congregation who are committed to greening your congregation. Give everyone on the green team a task – no matter how small and also involve members of the congregation. Don’t have a green team? Host the H-IPL workshop Green Team Basics for starting a green team or giving your existing green team new energy and focus.

Step 2
State your intention to become a Green Star Congregation. Compete the application to let H-IPL know your congregation is starting the process – and this also let’s H-IPL support you along the way. We also encourage you to ask for support as you need it.

Step 3
Join Energy Stewards through H-IPL. How much does your congregation currently spend on energy per year? Energy Stewards costs $200 per year but will save you quite a bit more money as you monitor and reduce your energy use. Energy Stewards comes with a checklist of over 100 ways to save energy and ways to compare your energy usage with other congregations. (Note: Energy Stewards can add data for the past two years. You choose a baseline year for your congregation’s energy use, before your congregation started to reduce its energy consumption.

Step 4
Reduce Your Congregation’s Energy Consumption by 10%.
Time to get started. Plan the first action – could be turning down the thermostats or turning off lights when not using a room – pick an easy action to take or several – and let your congregation know so they can be involved in the process of saving energy (and money!)

Start planning using the Energy Stewards check list and action tracking features. H-IPL’s Using Energy Prudently is a great workshop to kick off your energy saving efforts.

Step 5
Take pictures.
Keep a record of your efforts with lots of pictures
Keep a Journal of the steps your congregation took to reduce its energy use.
Appoint one person from your green team to be the record keeper. Let them keep track of each action taken and the date (and cost if there was any).

Step 6
Host an H-IPL workshop. When you host an H-IPL workshop, you may have as many people from your congregation come as you would like. We request that you also invite congregations of other faiths to attend. We will work with you to choose a workshop that is right for you. You are also welcome to attend any H-IPL workshop hosted by another congregation.
We have a number of workshops from which you can choose:
• Green Team Basics: Creation Care 101 (or what to do if your green team is stuck),
• Using Energy Prudently, specific tips for reducing your congregation (and your home) energy use,
• Climate Boot Camp, tips for talking about your faith and climate change
• Environmentally Responsible Investing
• GO Solar: Learn the basics of how to plan and carry out a solar energy installation for your congregation’s facility and those of your congregants.

Step 7
Celebrate your hard work and your cost savings.
Celebrate all your hard work by sending proof of your energy reduction from Energy
Stewards. Celebrate and share the good news with your congregation.

Let H-IPL celebrate you by appreciating you for all you have done to make a difference for the environment! You are now an H-IPL Green Star Congregation.

CONTACT amybarnes@hoosieripl for more information.