Our Board

Mr. Ray Wilson, P.E., Chair

Ray Wilson has worked for Countrymark Cooperative, and since 1997 has been the president of Ray Wilson and Associates, a firm working on organizational development and operational improvement. His consulting expertise has been invaluable in helping H-IPL find clarity of purpose as it envisions future possibilities for addressing its mission. His engineering background has enabled him to assist many faith communities in the installation of solar arrays for their buildings. In addition to having installed solar on his own home, he led his Unitarian Universalist congregation to purchase solar panels. He leads Using Energy Prudently workshops on behalf of H-IPL throughout the state. Ray is a member of Indy Green Congregations, the north Indy affiliate of H-IPL.


The Reverend Robert Heimach, Vice-Chair

Robert Heimach has been senior pastor of Irvington Presbyterian Church in Indianapolis since 2003.  Heimach is a 1986 graduate of Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary and a 1981 graduate of the University of Notre Dame where he majored in finance.

He is married to Jennifer, and they have a daughter, the Rev. Abigail Heimach-Snipes who is a Resident Associate Pastor at 4th Presbyterian Church in Chicago, and a son, Lawson, who works as a wind turbine technician.

Rev. Heimach is a strong advocate for renewable energy, recycling and sustainable living. His church installed solar panels in 2018 and they have reduced their energy consumption by 30% in the last four years.


The Reverend Steve Cain, Treasurer

Steve Cain is a retired full elder in the United Methodist Church residing in Fort Wayne, Indiana.   Having served as a missionary to Brazil for 8 years, and as campus minister at Purdue Wesley Foundation from 1989 to 2006,  Steve was sensitized to earth justice and began preaching this issue while in Brazil in the 1980’s. Steve earned a DMIN in 2003 from CTS in the area of mutuality in marriage, overcoming toxic patriarchy,  and uses this work in his counseling practice. Taking a coal tour with HIPL in 2009 made creation care a main issue. Currently serving as co owner and counselor at LIVING WATERS PEACE CENTER, working part time as Chaplain at Dupont Hospital,  Steve keeps growing by teaching conflict resolution at Indiana Tech University. Recent growth includes a deeper understanding of the peace systems that were present in the First Nation tribes and how they might be important for us going forward into the future, and a clearer vision of how seven generation thinking could radically renew our society.  HIPL is an important tool for renewing Indiana and Steve is honored to be joining its board in order to serve.  


The Reverend Kimberly Koczan

Kimberly serves on the Creation Care Task Force for the Church of the Brethren. She has served Presbyterian (USA), Church of the Brethren, and United Methodist congregations and camps. She is a spiritual director at Wisdom’s Well and integrates eco-spirituality into sustainable food efforts. She is a Senior Fellow in the Environmental Leadership Program from her work at the intersection of environmental justice, community building, and faith. Having joined the H-IPL board in the fall of 2015, Kimberly brings an enthusiasm and creative energy that is renewing and challenging to the board. Living in Fort Wayne, and attending Beacon Heights Church of the Brethren, she opens more possibilities for H-IPL’s expansion of the northeastern Indiana affiliate, Interfaith Earth Care Coalition. With a variety of experiences in nonprofit work, she is eager to raise funds and develop programs for H-IPL’s expanding mission.




Ms. Annette M. Johnson 

Annette Johnson brings to the H-IPL board a passion for legislative advocacy. An active member of Friendship Missionary Baptist Church, she serves on the Sickle Cell Initiative Board. Annette currently works for the Marion County Sheriff’s Department as a Senior Adult Education Instructor teaching adult education to jail inmates. She serves on the Fay Biccard at Crooked Creek Board and is a member of Earth Charter Indiana. Her political expertise is a valuable asset in the promotion of renewable energy and energy efficiency. She joined the H-IPL board in the summer of 2015 as a personal faith response to climate change.


The Reverend Daryl Emowrey

Daryl serves as the pastor of Calvary Lutheran Church in Angola, Indiana.  He was raised in the Lutheran church and was an active participant in church youth groups.  His faith deepened at DePauw University while working for the University’s Center for Spiritual Life.  For the first time, he met people who did not consider themselves Christians.  He had the opportunity to interact and befriend Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist and Hindu students. Through developing relationships with these students and engaging with them in issues of faith, he developed a deeper appreciation for his own faith tradition.

While attending Trinity Lutheran Seminary, he began to connect his faith with caring for the earth.  He was a member of the Seminary’s environmental group that partnered with Interfaith Power and Light in Ohio to do an energy audit of the Seminary.  Once he served as a volunteer to conduct the audit, he was hooked!  He loves learning about practical ways to reduce energy demands and find alternative sources of energy that do not contribute to climate degradation. He is excited to partner with Hoosier Interfaith Power and Light (H-IPL) as a board member and brings to H-IPL a faith-based perspective to current and emerging climate issues that confront a new generation of Indiana faith leaders.


Ms. Amy Huser

Amy Huser is the Sustainability and Outdoor Education Director at Camp Friedenswald in Cassopolis, Michigan. In 2016-2017 she consulted with Camp in writing Camp’s triple bottom line based 2022 Resilience and Sustainability Plan (R&S Plan) and formally joined Camp staff in August of 2017.  She currently guides and tracks progress on the implementation of the R&S Plan, with a focus on the environmental and social sustainability goals.  She also directs Camp’s Outdoor Education program in which 2000 students come to experience nature each year.  Previously she enjoyed a fourteen year career as an art teacher, weaving themes of sustainability into lessons and sponsoring her school Green Team.  She has a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Bluffton College, a master’s in Art Education from the University of Missouri, and a master’s of science in Resilient and Sustainable Communities from Green Mountain College.


Hoosier Interfaith Power & Light shall disclose to members of the public upon request, copies of the three most recently filed annual information returns (IRS Form 990) and our application for tax-exemption. If you’d like to make a request for these documents please email us at info@hoosieripl.org and we will provide them to you in a timely manner.