Green Team Workshop

Green Team Basics: Creation Care 101

What does it take to start or grow a Green Team at your place of worship?  We’ll look at the five basic things you should consider, who should be involved and ways to get started.  What does your faith say about creation care?  What is most important to you and members of your team about creation care and the environment?  We’ll look at ways to get started and ways to reduce energy and save your congregation money.  One passionate person can start a flourishing green team.  This workshop will give you what it takes to succeed.

Recommended Participants: Individuals passionate about the environment who are part of a congregation.  Individuals who would like to start a green team.  Green teams who have recently started or who are ready to refresh and move their green team to the next level.

Bring a friend and join us to start a Creation Care Team in your place of worship. Ideally, we would love to have several people from each congregation attend the workshop so they can share ideas, and gain enthusiasm and confidence to be successful.

Please email us if you would like to attend a Green Team Basics: Creation Care 101 Workshop or if you would like to host this workshop at your congregation.