Energy Stewards Sign Up Form

  • Please provide the following information in order to get started using H-IPL's Energy Stewards Program.
  • 1. Basics

  • Worship Facility Attributes

    (Can use estimates if needed to get started)
  • *Used for benchmarking energy use performance.
  • If your congregation devotes a major part of it's building to another use (such as a school or offices), let us know the square footage of each of those areas. (We may need additional attribute details, depending on the type of space).
  • 2. Utility serving your house of worship

    We need to know your utility provider company names and web addresses, as well as your account numbers, username and passwords. These are required for our update of monthly utility data. All login details are held confidentially by our provider and its service representative, and used only for the purpose of logging into the appropriate account, gathering the relevant monthly utility data, and logging out. If no additional data is available, we will begin with the earliest monthly data available from the utility.
  • Additional Questions: