Meet Dr. Ben Brabson, H-IPL Science Advisor

Yes, climate change is real.  At H-IPL we are fortunate to have Dr. Ben Brabson as our Science Advisor.  Dr. Brabson is a Professor Emeritus of Physics of Climate Change at Indiana University. He also attends Trinity Episcopal Church in Bloomington.  He believes in faith and climate science.  You can watch his TEDx Bloomington talk by clicking this link:

In his own words:  Ben Brabson:

Hoosier Interfaith Power and Light (H-IPL) is a truly remarkable institution.  H-IPL brings faith communities together as they consider critically important problems of energy use and climate change.  Of many stories of their success, I mention two.

Climate Change in Indiana:

At this moment in our history, understanding and responding to climate change is not easy in a conservative state like Indiana.  H-IPL runs “Climate Bootcamps,” full-day workshops on climate for clergy in Indiana.  Attending one of H-IPL’s Climate Bootcamps gives clergy the background and confidence to address the ethical issues raised by climate change.  As trusted members of our society, these clergies are greatly effective as teachers and explainers about climate change to the citizens of Indiana. Hurray for H-IPL!

Economic Assistance to Indiana Congregations:  

A large number of congregations in Indiana now generate a portion of their own electricity.  That they now have solar panels is often a direct consequence of help coming from Hoosier Interfaith Power and Light.  H-IPL has been instrumental in finding available funds, writing proposals, and providing critical information to congregations throughout the state.  Again, hurray for H-IPL!
In summary, the impacts of our changing climate will increase in severity with time.  H-IPL is particularly effective in Indiana at helping people and institutions of faith as they come to grips with these changes.   

Thanks, Dr. Brabson!

Ben Brabson is a Climate Scientist at Indiana University and Chair of the Creation Care Committee at Trinity Episcopal Church Bloomington, one of over 50 Indiana Solar congregations.  Dr. Brabson is also active Bloomington Earth Care, an affiliate of H-IPL.
Most of all I thank Dr. Brabon for his kindness,  He always has a smile on his face and is willing to take the time and explain complex scientific ideas in a way we can all understand. Thank you, Dr. Brabson, for being H-IPL’s Science Advisor.