Dr. Ben Brabson
Science Advisor

Dr. Brabson is a Professor Emeritus, Physics of Climate Change at Indiana University. Dr. Brabson speaks on behalf of H-IPL regarding climate change and energy efficiency. He is one of three primary presenters in our developing Climate Boot Camp program. He has a Ph.D from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Click Here to Read More on Dr. Brabson.


Paul Hill
Accounting and Financial Advisor

Paul Hill is a retired accounting and information technology manager. His corporate experience includes stints with AT&T, Geometric Results (a subsidiary of Ford Motor Co.) and Kelly Services. His accounting experience also includes owning a bookkeeping and accounting company in Rochester, Michigan that serviced small businesses and religious organizations. Paul has been active in Unitarian Universalist churches in the Midwest and is currently a member of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Indianapolis. Paul has a passion for our faith voice and climate change mission and seeks to provide financial transparency and revenue growth to H-IPL. He has a B.A. degree from the University of Indianapolis.

Dr. Thomas Jeavons
Development Advisor

An adjunct faculty member of the Indiana University School of Philanthropy as well as Scholar in Residence at Earlham School of Religion, Dr. Jeavons specializes in reviewing grant materials for H-IPL.  Active with an American Baptist congregation, Thom has a special passion for values-centered nonprofits and organizations working for the common good. He has authored several books on nonprofit management and fundraising.

Dr. James Lemons
Environmental Justice and Health

At his home church in Indianapolis, Second Presbyterian, Dr. Lemons leads weekly classes on environmental justice and community issues. He spearheaded the building of a hospital in Kenya with emphasis on HIV prevention and treatment. Currently, Jim is exploring ways to install solar at that hospital. As a pediatrician at Indiana University Hospitals, he is particularly concerned with the poor and disenfranchised.

Nick Melloh
Solar Technology

Nick and his wife Lisa were both raised Roman Catholic.  Over the last several years they have migrated toward non-denominational Christian churches.  They are devout Sunday service attendees, but with travel and four children’s activities, they have very diverse church location attendance! Nick holds a BA from Butler University (Communications). He is the CEO of Johnson Melloh Mechanical, Johnson Melloh Solutions, JEM Energy CNG Fill Station, and Bulldog Energy. He has:

  • a passion for the technical aspects of energy efficiency and energy production
  • an understanding of finance, taxes, and legal aspects of distributed energy
  • a passion for helping non-profits and faith-based institutions save money and “spread the word”
  • a belief that it is our responsibility to honor and care for what God has provided us with the Earth and its abundant resources, and
  • a streak of independence that allows him to share with others effective strategies to decrease our energy dependency on traditional providers.