What do Jesus, Mohammad, Moses, Siddhārtha, and Ramakrishna have to do with Climate Change Advocacy?  Well, all of these religious leaders had faith beliefs and practices. Yet having these perspectives alone didn’t create a community of practice.   These leaders had to advocate–to publicly speak out–on behalf of their beliefs to create communities of faith! While we may each have our own faiths, philosophies, spiritualities, and live by our own creeds, we can find golden rules that pervade many of these calls of practice.

How does Climate Change Advocacy work?

This is similar to how Climate Change Advocacy works.  We know that there are many ways to impact the world– reducing our carbon footprint, implementing clean and renewable energy, and working towards climate justice–are just some of the ways that will help us create a better world and a better Indiana.  We at H-IPL believe that advocacy is a means to help us get there.

By advocating for strong policies at the Indiana Statehouse, with the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission, with our energy utilities, and at home in our communities and congregations, we can take steps to change the way we use the resources of the earth towards a more sustainable way. These policies will help save lives by reducing air and water pollution, will help us create more resilient energy systems as weather events continue to be more unpredictable, will save us money to put into other impactful programs, and will lead to more connected communities where we can continue to celebrate our various faith beliefs in freedom.

Announcing the new H – IPL Advocacy Network

Our 2019 resolution, is to kick-start the 2019 H-IPL Advocacy Network.  This will give our supporters ways to voice their faith beliefs–including the care of creation–in ways that are impactful, meaningful, and effective!  We will also continue to run our Strategic Communicators Group.  Individuals can join who are available to write letters to the editor and media releases when important issues require a rapid response.

We will continue to come to you in your home congregations through speaking engagements and advocacy trainings.  Lastly, we want to empower you to engage in our democracy by calling, emailing, and visiting your legislatures here in Indiana.  Apathy is the state of being where a belief has yet to form an action.  This year H-IPL Advocacy will unstick apathy so we can follow in the footsteps of our greats and create sustainable and healthy communities of practice.

H-IPLs first Advocacy Update & Training for 2019 is at St. Luke’s Methodist Church, Indianapolis, IN, 100 W 86th St, Indianapolis, IN 46260 in the Spiritual Life Center from 7-8:30 pm on February 5, 2019