Act on Climate, H-IPL

Act on Climate Change Now!

As an advocate for clean energy, Hoosier Interfaith Power and Light advocates for policies and legislation for renewable energy, solar power, and reduced fossil fuel use. We advocate and partner with other environmental groups in Indiana.

We encourage your support and would like you to join our H-IPL Advocacy Network Help us make positive changes for clean and renewable energy for Indiana as we advocate for clean energy with our advocacy partners.

H-IPL Advocacy Partners


Earth Charter Indiana

Finalized and launched in 2000, the Earth Charter is the culmination of a decade-long, worldwide, cross-cultural dialogue that addresses common goals and shared values. Earth Charter Indiana inspires and advances sustainable, just and peaceful living in Indiana by promoting the values and principles of Earth Charter.


Hoosier Environmental Council

The voice of the people for over 30 years. The eyes and ears of everyone in Indiana who is concerned about the environment. And everyone who should be. The Hoosier Environmental Council is Indiana’s leading educator and advocate for environmental issues and policies. HEC is passionate about our role in shaping the state’s environmental future and all who will be affected by it.


Indiana Forest Alliance

For wilderness recreation, for all of us, and future generations. As habitat for Indiana’s amazing biodiversity. For sequestering carbon. As eco-tourism assets that make Indiana great. As places of solace and beauty. The Indiana Forest Alliance’s mission is to protect and restore Indiana’s native hardwood forests through science-based advocacy.  There has been a 400% increase in commercial logging in our public forests since 2002, with the Yellowwood State Forest Back Country Area as a prime example.


Indiana Sierra Club – Beyond Coal

Indiana stands at an energy crossroads where we can choose to invest in clean, renewable energy; energy efficiency and conservation; or, we can choose yesterday’s dirty energy — coal.  Our campaign is uniting people from across the state.  Hoosiers want to move beyond coal to clean energy, and the Sierra Club does that by retiring old, dirty, outdated coal plants, moving Indiana Beyond Coal with greater investment into proven clean energy sources like wind and solar and educating citizens and decision-makers about the true cost of coal.



H–IPL partnered with NAACP, as well as a number of other organizations in closing down the use of coal at the Harding Street Coal plant.  The Harding Street coal plant was a major polluter and also posed a major health risk for residents of the area.

Environmental & Climate Justice