February 22, 2022

Tri-State Midwest Interfaith Power & Light Partnership Announced: Hoosier Interfaith Power & Light now working with Faith in Place, the Illinois affiliate and Wisconsin Interfaith Power & Light. 

ILLINOIS, INDIANA and WISCONSIN, Feb. 22, 2022—Environmental non-profit organizations Faith in Place, Hoosier Interfaith Power & Light [HIPL] and Wisconsin Interfaith Power & Light announced today that they are joining together and will be working as one entity across Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin. Each organization is a state affiliate of Interfaith Power & Light, a national organization that empowers people of diverse faiths and spiritualities to take bold and just action on climate change.  

This partnership will create Faith in Place—the Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin Affiliate of Interfaith Power & Light.  With strongly aligned missions centered around climate justice and action, these three organizations are eager to join forces—strengthening and amplifying their individual efforts through regional partnership. 

“This is the result of a multi-year process of HIPL board members and supporters, to strengthen the capacity of our outreach to the faith community here in Indiana and magnify our impact,” said Dori Chandler, Interim Executive Director of Hoosier Interfaith Power & Light.  As part of this partnership, HIPL staff will join with Faith in Place.  Together, each is committed to learning from each other, advancing our commitment to environmental justice and climate action and becoming a Midwest powerhouse for environmental healing. 

The Midwest is already experiencing the impacts of climate change with increased temperatures, heat waves and flooding.  In addition to impacts, there is great opportunity to take action at home.  In 2019, Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin were responsible for over 10 percent of total U.S. emissions—contributing to the country’s record of being the second-largest emitter of greenhouse gases globally. 

“With the U.S. falling short of the emission cuts necessary to curb warming below the 1.5 degree limit of the Paris Agreement, it’s critical for states to quickly adopt climate policies to equitably transition to clean energy,” said Rev. Brian Sauder, Executive Director of Faith in Place. “We are thrilled to partner with both Hoosier and Wisconsin Interfaith Power & Light to further expand our faithful advocacy for bold climate action across the Midwest.”

The tri-state partnership will strengthen its environmental advocacy, education, energy innovation, and project-based community work throughout the region—working with faith communities in each state to lead these initiatives.  

Come join us to celebrate HIPL’s 11 years, look towards the next chapter, and learn more about this upcoming partnership on March 16th from 5-6pm, where we will hear from Rev. Susan Hendershot of Interfaith Power & Light and other regional IPL leaders. Register for the celebration at

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National Interfaith Power and Light

Hoosier Interfaith Power and Light is an affiliate of the national organization, Interfaith Power and Light. Interfaith Power & Light. This interfaith ministry is devoted to deepening the connection between ecology and faith.  Interfaith Power and Light’s goal is to help people of faith recognize and fulfill their responsibility for the stewardship of creation. Now active in almost 40 states, the IPL campaign is mobilizing a national religious response to global warming while promoting renewable energy, energy efficiency, and conservation.

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