Join H-IPL for our second annual Renewable Energy Lobby Day at the Indiana Statehouse on January 7th, 2020 to jump start the General Assembly session by demanding better renewable energy policy!  We will join with coalition partners from many different organizations across Indiana to learn about energy-related bills at the statehouse and lobby our state representatives and state senators to ask that we move away as a state from using fossil fuels towards sustainable energy, while ensuring that everyone has access to and can afford renewable energy and energy efficiency!


9 am – 12 pm: Assemble on the 2nd floor at the Statehouse for renewable energy fair and meetings with legislators

11:30 am – Lunch (provided)

12 pm – 1 pm: Press Conference and program calling for stronger renewable energy policies on the 2nd floor of the Statehouse

1 pm – 3 pm: Additional meetings with legislators

*Note: please RSVP with your home address (where you vote) so that we can match you up with the appropriate legislative districts*

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