H-IPL represents Hoosiers of all faiths who are seeking to:

  • Live in harmony with God’s creation,
  • Understand how climate change will impact Indiana’s environment,
  • Act responsibly with respect to energy use and consumption,
  • Limit our carbon footprint and apply our resources in environmentally responsible ways, and
  • Advocate for public policies that reduce wasteful energy practices, end our dependence on fossil fuels and promote clean energy alternatives.

BREAKING NEWS: Our Thriving Faith Communities Program Has Launched!

Your congregation is invited!

The Thriving Faith Communities Initiative invites Indianapolis area congregations to join together in support of the Thrive Indianapolis Plan by committing to reduce energy consumption by at least 25 percent over the next three years, and to encourage their congregants to do the same.



Join us for our Using Energy Prudently Virtual Workshop on July 12th!


Hosted by


The Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation


Register HERE


Areas of Focus


H-IPL respects religious differences. We support congregations of all faiths and denominations.

Clean Energy

Reduce energy use, improve energy efficiency, save money, measure your carbon footprint and go solar.

Creation Care

Start a Green Team in your congregation.  Every major religion has a mandate to care for creation.


Advocate for renewable energy and for the closure of fossil fuel generated power plants.

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